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Driver Recruitment

If you want to take your racing career further, we have teams looking for Drivers with a suitable budget right now. Submit your details now and we will put you in the winners seat sooner
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Team Recruitment

If you own a team and sick of the 100s of emails and phone calls trying to find a Driver with experience or suitable budget. Let us help we have a database of pre-qualified drivers available
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Confidential Negotiation

We value the privacy of both Drivers and Teams, we also understand the sensitivity around discussing budget options. Drive Hunters provide legally binding Non Disclosure and Privacy Agreements. With Drive Hunters confidentiality is assured.
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Budget Matched Drives

You tell us your Budget and we’ll show you the Drives available around the globe. We have Teams right now looking for Drivers with a racing budget. Drive Hunters will put you in the winning seat faster.
Driver Management

Personalized Drive Matching

Sign on with Drive Hunters Pro Plan and we offer a personalized service and analysis from one of our in-house motorsport specialists will allow you to move your racing career forward faster.
Paid Racing Drive

Racing Insurance Discounts

Thanks to our partners in the motor sports industry, we’re able to offer special discounts for racing insurance, assistance and legal protection during potential accidents,when you subscribe to a Pro or Team Plan.

Travel Discounts

Drive Hunters understand racing opportunities won’t always be in your hometown. We have combined with a leading Travel company to be able to offer you discounted travel and accommodation around the world.
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Driver Management

Don’t have a budget but want to get your Racing on track?
Drive Hunters have a limited number of spots available each year for one on one Driver Management and Sponsor Management. We will provide a professional consultant to guide you into or through your racing, it might be from Karting into Cars or Class Upgrades, we can help.
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